Good Recommendations for Beginner Developers

Kaveesha Gimhana
1 min readJan 14, 2019

I’m writing this to mainly beginner developers. First of all, still I’m a beginner developer and a student.

I would like to share my knowledge sources with others.

I think basic developers should have to explore about language, I recommend “JAVA, JS, C++” is a must to know.

In University, I mainly followed course materials, but I thought it isn’t enough for my career, so I explore about this field and identify the new trends on the field. Nandun Bandara, the one of genius in this field, he was supporting me to clear my path correctly. Other resources are online exploring; YouTube is the main knowledge source online. I started following channels in YouTube:

Travercy Media-

Online Tutorial-


Free Code Camp-

Coding Tech-

Simple Snippets-

Those channels will give the best knowledge to you for free of charge.

if you need to buy some tutorials from online, here is the links:




Best practicing sites:

Free Code camp:


These are the best resources to become a best Developer.